STRANGERS - Beneath the City EP f

This is were it all started for me guys, this is a music ep my brother and I started it’s our first release and you can get a free copy below:

Follow us on soundcloud and facebook for more music:


Cool corporate video i got to do, i always loved infographics and data visualizations so i took this opportunity to do something stylistically different. And honestly i’m very happy how it turned out:

Really nice folks, check them out here:

Tenzin Samphel 2012 Video Reel f

Kinda unrelated but here’s my video reel this is even older than my Animation Reel, but yea it’s pretty cool. My brother Ngawang C. Samphel made the music. Check out his music:


My 2012 motion graphics Reel, gunna work on a new soon i guess, just not enough time to put together a reel when you’re knee deep in work. Oh well maybe in December or something… Anyways here’s my link to my vimeo:

I.Y.F.F.E f

All the videos with the visualizers were done by me. That took-a-long-time to export… but worth it. Check him out:

Au5 & Fractal - Subvert f

And this is what i would call the John and McCartney of EDM, just a killer collaboration between two great forces of talent. Check out this killer track below:

Au5 - Crystal Mathematics feat. Shaz Sparks f

This was an amazing release by AU5 that was also posted on UKF! Check out the track and you’ll see why:

Stereotronique - I Need You (Original Mix) f

Really dope producer and chill guy i had the pleasure of working with, here’s his awesome track “I Need You.” Oh yea btw it’s a free download!

Fractal - Luminate EP [Teaser] f

This guy is going to be huge one day very soon, so i had the pleasure to work with him and witness the start of an amazing new movement in EDM. This guys EP i stand behind 100% so deff go check out this guy’s music. Just a killer producer!


Kredo - Limitless [Official EP Teaser] f

This guy is a very talented producer who’s got some amazing music coming out soon, in the mean time enjoy this great EP:

6tenzin, dawa, samphel, after effects, kredo, limitless ep,

Whooper - Complex Amphetamine f

My good buddy from France gave me a chance to do this very “hallucinatory” piece for his ep. Check it out:

6wooper, tenzin, samphel, Dawa, after effects,

Neus - Hello EP (Teaser) f

Second teaser animation ever for Neus, cool tracks, check it out:

6tenzin, samphel, dawa, motion graphic, after effects, neus,

Lazy Rich - Insomnia [TEASER] f

Awesome track by Lazy Rich i had the pleasure of working on

As Rich put it, this was something for him to try out, I’m just happy to have been a part of it! Big ups to homie check out the track below:

6lazy rich, rising recordings, insomnia, tenzin, samphel, Dawa, after effects, motion graphics,

Porter Robinson - The Language Tour Teaser f

One of my first big animations in summer of 2012

This was hands down the dopest track out when it was released. Check out the track if you’ve been living under a rock:

6porter robinson, language tour, the m machine, Mat Zo, after effects, motion graphics, atari, video games,

BT - "A Song Across The Wires" (Album Trailer Sneak Preview) f